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CoolProfilePic app helps users to change their social media profile pictures automatically based on settings that they will choose such as new photo category and the changing frequency!


Docker(-compose), DigitalOcean, AWS, Jinja, Linux, Crons, Flask, RabbitMQ, PHP, Python, Node, MySQL, Express, MongoDB, SQL, Social media APIs, Flask_Dance, PDO, TwitterAPI, GitHubAPI, NPM, PhpMyAdmin, Composer, Guzzle, Sockets, PIL

Demo (the queuing cycle)

Watch Demo (the whole app) => youtube video


Email me for the source code:


The idea of automate changing facebook, twitter github, etc.. profile picture came to my mind few days ago, I decided to build this self project from A to Z using some new strategy and stack as a proof of concept of some things that I want to proof personally by myself.

Solved Challenges

  • Connections between containers issues
  • Deadlock issues
  • Sockets issues
  • Caching common dependencies

Current demo is version 1 of the app

Version 2 Tweeks:

  • use multi workers, publisher, queues, taskers
  • mapping DB queries by its types and priority
  • improve containerization performance
  • design IP blocker microservice
  • design mailer microservice
  • handle higher traffic and load
  • automate the deployment process and increase its speed
  • advertise (image processing -> add watermark @CoolProfilePic text on new images)

Random sketches

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