bookmark_borderComposer Smart Updater

In a big Symfony v5.0 project we wanted to upgrade composer packages (around +140 updates available includes orm, doctrine packages, fixtures, migration, api platform, etc)
after update using composer update when run the migration symfony console doctrine:migration:migrate -n migration not working fine because of conflicts and different migrations table name pattern so it can’t detect names of migrations file and because some packages needs PHP v7.4.11 (relreased this month 1st October 2020) and our env uses PHP v7.4.3 and needs Composer v2 and our env used old Composer version.

I created a Python script that reads composer.json file and loop over its required and required-dev packages and install each package individually then run migration command and check if everything is working fine or not! on GitHub:

This script will helps to detect and find which exactly package that cause this conflict.

Plus I unify infrastructure cloud architecture env (AWS) and Git pipelines (BitBucket) container images to use most updated versions.