bookmark_border2 SDE Amazon Interviews Invitations in 1 week

2 SDE Amazon interviews invitations in 1 week, a new experience!




I used to get rejections from Amazon at CV monitoring stage :’( but I never give up! I also used to feel this low energy after finish contests ex. interesting codeforces rounds, although sometimes in contests I solve problems that are much harder than multi-international companies interviews questions but I have to admit that after these 2 interviews my battery is not low as usual it literally dies instead :’)

Let’s analyze briefly:

  • Total time [1.5 : 2.5] hours
  • Total questions topics-based: DP, BT, Recursion, String Manipulation, basic math, build and sort complex ds.
  • A session for algorithms & data-structures coding questions.
  • A session for open-ended questions to discuss your solutions and complexity.
  • A session for reasoning questions(very tricky).
  • A session for code debugging ability(not hard).
  • A session for working-style questions(focused on soft skills + psychological dimensions).
  • A session for a survey.


  • Tricky corner test cases.
  • DS coding questions are annoying and need to start with wisely choices and smart ideas from the beginning.
  • Open-ended questions have a very short time, need to think and organize your answer in your mind before the session or during the coding session.
  • Overall Div2 ~ D level can nail it.

For sure there are other hundreds of questions topics, sessions, and styles but this was my own experience!

If you are still an undergraduate, my advice: “problem-solving” & “practice”

My greetings < 3