This is my hard drive

Sometimes some people ask me questions that maybe kids can know the answer to and I respond with I forget or idk!

Sometimes I forget people, names, how to go to places that I already went to before, situations, information, stories, speeches, etc..

I just want to point to something related to that topic:

This is my hard drive and I used to put things that are useful really useful.  

I don’t fill my head with rubbish, from time to time I clean up my head from any shit speech, stories, memories, poor talks or information always throw them to the void.

For the information that may be useful later, always save them externally on digital drives to make your head fresh and clean as much as you can!

As we technically use /dev/null device to avoid saving the three data streams, try to define a special device for your brain too. 

That will make a big difference!

What My Brain Looks Like When It Solves a Math Problem

P.S. There are methods that help to manage and enhance your brain performance and memorization (e.g method of loci) and I believe in the future(~20 years) the ability to manage brain will be possible digitally! and we already start hear about that (e.g Neuralink)

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