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Post Views: 41 Motivation A person can take a photo of his dog and write caption hashtag #Tree instead of #Dog 😀 , I thought about how can companies and we improve the searching process such that we get only the real target we want (ex. images that contain items or objects that we need).I... » read more

2 SDE Amazon Interviews Invitations in 1 week

Post Views: 342 2 SDE Amazon interviews invitations in 1 week, a new experience! Germany Spain Germany I used to get rejections from Amazon at CV monitoring stage :’( but I never give up! I also used to feel this low energy after finish contests ex. interesting codeforces rounds, although sometimes in contests I solve... » read more

Arrow Shooting Game

Post Views: 67 I made many simple games in the past, but this game is the most interesting one for me : ) Arrow Shooting 2D Game using C++, OpenGL and various Geometry Algorithms. preview: code: Arrow Shooting Mobile Game version is available now: Facebook Comments

Time Tracking

Post Views: 54 python working time toggl tracking Facebook Comments

MD5 [En/De]crypter Project

Post Views: 57 More than 1.000.000 words in our database. 🙂 The MD5 algorithm is a widely used hash function producing a 128-bit hash value.Although MD5 was initially designed to be used as a cryptographic hash function,it has been found to suffer from extensive vulnerabilities. Facebook Comments

Police Traffic Control

Post Views: 38 Police Traffic Control | Arduino and ASP.NET project. This project helps police to control traffic and catch the suspects easily. code.ino Default.aspx.cs Facebook Comments


Post Views: 48 Python and prolog encryption project based on “caesar cipher” encryption technique. How to use: in terminal: python :> run prolog code via terminal(swipl or gui then use: shift(a, X). hideChar(a). showChar(a). guessChar(a). hideString(test). showString(nkdohg). guessString(abc). readFile. dfs(a, X, z). continue pressing ; for windows users: download and use python and prolog gui. Examples: #Ex.1 walk... » read more