Simple System With GraphGL, Reactjs, PHP

Post Views: 420 simple system with GraphQL, Reactjs, PHP Tools used: PHP v7.3^ , Symfony 4.4^ , React 16^ , VPS, SQL , Docker , overblog/GraphQLBundle Preview: as gif – video GraphiQL: GraphQL:{buyers{id,name}} UI: note: this is my first time to use GraphQL & Reactjs GraphiQL: Example Query: query { buyer(id: 20){ id, name, authToken }, products{ id, […]

Energy Vampire Recruiters

Post Views: 212 Energy Vampire or Energy Sucker or whatever definition is simply some person who sucks all the energy out of you. When you hang out with some person or spend time with someone and after you leave, you feel that your energy is 0% and/or your mood became bad or nervous crazily somehow… […]

Video Generator

Post Views: 749 Video Generator is a python tool that allows converting a collection of photos from local and online sources to video. Preview Reflection While I was working on some computer vision task related to extracting some information from public surveillance cameras streams, in some stage I wanted to record some videos from a […]

Firebase Logger

Post Views: 383 Firebase Logger is a simple firebase PHP logger package to monitor and save the users activities. Installation Use composer to install firebase-logger:composer require khaledalam/firebase-logger Preview Usage example.php <?php // PHP 7.1^ //error_reporting(0); include_once ‘./FirebaseLogger.php’; $serviceFile = __DIR__ . ‘/serviceAccountKey.json’; $databaseUri = ‘https://{EDIT_THIS}’; $firebaseLogger = new FirebaseLogger([ ‘service_account_key_json’ => $serviceFile, ‘database_uri’ => $databaseUri, ‘database_realtime_name’ => ‘Logger’, […]

API Multiprocessing

Post Views: 722 Motivation In this article, I am going to show you how we can improve the computing power of simple API script from total overall (6 minutes and 17 seconds) to (1 minute 14 seconds) The Idea I will share with you one of my simple favourite technique that I prefer to use […]

Amazon Job Hiring Related Email

Post Views: 102 Amazon-Jobs Amazon Jobs Apps that help the user to check if some email relates to any AMAZONIAN hrs, recruiters, interviewees, interviewers, talents, candidates and so on.. – check hiring-related emails, – get job post recruiter details, – get more statistics about job posts, – search jobs globally with more deep filters Preview: […]

Flutter GitLab CI/CD DevOps

Post Views: 222 Create .gitlab-ci.yml file in Project root dirin the same level of lib folder create file .gitlab-ci.yml Get a docker:image There are some flutter docker images available you can select one or even use your own Docker image Flutter docker images examples: – cirrusci/flutter:stable (github) – kattwinkel/flutter-android (github) Then add it in .gitlab-ci.yml file:image: cirrusci/flutter:stable […]


Post Views: 116 Motivation A person can take a photo of his dog and write caption hashtag #Tree instead of #Dog 😀 , I thought about how can companies and we improve the searching process such that we get only the real target we want (ex. images that contain items or objects that we need).I […]

2 SDE Amazon Interviews Invitations in 1 week

Post Views: 469 2 SDE Amazon interviews invitations in 1 week, a new experience! Germany Spain Germany I used to get rejections from Amazon at CV monitoring stage :’( but I never give up! I also used to feel this low energy after finish contests ex. interesting codeforces rounds, although sometimes in contests I solve […]

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