Energy Vampire Recruiters

Energy Vampire or Energy Sucker or whatever definition is simply some person who sucks all the energy out of you. When you hang out with some person or spend time with someone and after you leave, you feel that your energy is 0% and/or your mood became bad or nervous crazily somehow…

A funny story in John Richardson’s biography, A Life of Picasso.
Spanish painter Pablo Picasso was notorious for sucking all the energy out of the people he met. His granddaughter Marina claimed that he squeezed people like one of his tubes of oil paints. You’d have a great time hanging out all day with Picasso, and then you’d go home nervous and exhausted, and Picasso would go back to his studio and paint all night, using the energy he’d sucked out of you.
Most people put up with this because they got to hang out with Picasso all day, but not Constantin Brancusi, the Romanian-born sculptor. Brancusi hailed from the Carpathian Mountains, and he knew a vampire when he sawone. He was not going to have his energy or the fruits of his energy juiced by Picasso, so he refused to have anything to do with him.

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I have some non-cool experiences and stories with HRs and Recruiters… Instead of writing about them I will mention some questions and some advice for recruiters from a candidate’s side

  • Why you invite a candidate for an interview if your company does not need new employees or you don’t have opens?
  • Why you don’t be honest and professional with your interviewees?
  • If you want a date or just chat with some interesting profile appears in front of your desk or your screen you can invite the person for a date or a coffee or whatever but not for a job interview!
  • If you send nothing instead of sending polite rejections, then simply you are an unrespectful person.
  • If your company send nothing instead of sending polite rejections, then you are working at an unrespectful company.
  • DO NOT BE Energy Vampire
  • Don’t force the candidate to answer questions that he/she feels not comfortable to answer them.
  • When you reject someone, do that politely with some positive advice or feedback if that allowed regarding your company policy.
  • When you accept someone, you simply did your job, you didn’t save the candidate life. You didn’t do the biggest favour in the world for him/her.
  • If equality is nonsense for you, then you read the wrong post.
  • Why you ask the candidate about his/her expected salary and similar questions if you saw from the beginning that the candidate is not eligible or not fit with the role requirements.
  • Curiosity is a good thing if both sides accept that but, don’t play with others to feed your curiosity hunger.
  • Why you are wasting people’s time, from your side may be that is joyful for you like reading new minds or books indexes but for them maybe not the same.
  • Be direct, don’t be sneaky because in most cases the candidate is much smarter than you.
  • Nothing better than positive polite ends.

In the end, I want to say not all HRs like so, for sure there are great recruiters, considered as positive, professional and supportive examples and I already met many of them… Also, Not all candidates are angels, there are bad candidates who not deserve.

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