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Simple System With GraphGL, Reactjs, PHP

Views: 569 simple system with GraphQL, Reactjs, PHP Tools used: PHP v7.3^ , Symfony 4.4^ , React 16^ , VPS, SQL , Docker , overblog/GraphQLBundle Preview: as gif – video GraphiQL: GraphQL:{buyers{id,name}} UI: note: this is my first time to use GraphQL & Reactjs GraphiQL: Example Query: query { buyer(id: 20){ id, name, authToken }, products{ id, name

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Firebase Logger

Views: 585 Firebase Logger is a simple firebase PHP logger package to monitor and save the users activities. Installation Use composer to install firebase-logger:composer require khaledalam/firebase-logger Preview Usage example.php <?php // PHP 7.1^ //error_reporting(0); include_once ‘./FirebaseLogger.php’; $serviceFile = __DIR__ . ‘/serviceAccountKey.json’; $databaseUri = ‘https://{EDIT_THIS}.firebaseio.com’; $firebaseLogger = new FirebaseLogger([ ‘service_account_key_json’ => $serviceFile, ‘database_uri’ => $databaseUri, ‘database_realtime_name’ => ‘Logger’, ]);

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